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Economically written down equipment can often still be used. For instance by institutions, small businesses and schools that demand less of their hardware. Or abroad, by sponsored schools in Africa or companies in former East bloc countries that have less means for IT at their disposal. Anelco provides your computers with 'new power' and gives them a second life.

Anelco are experts in IT equipment resale. We have customers in thirty countries. This clientele consists of end users, retailers and wholesalers. When you decide to have your old IT equipment reused it has two major advantages. The residual value is a huge money-saver and you will contribute to the quality of our environment.

You can also decide to donate your equipment that can be reused to a school in Africa. Like in Western countries computers have become indispensable in African education too. However schools in Africa do not have the means to purchase computers and they totally depend on donations. With respect to these donations we cooperate with Computeraid International that is located in London. This is a registered welfare organization with an excellent reputation.

When your old equipment is redeployed it actually returns to your company. This can be done in two ways.

Firstly, it may serve as backup in case your new system does not function properly yet. This will make you feel secure when you initiate a desktop migration operation.

Secondly, you may offer your employees a money-saver by putting your equipment on sale within your company. In this way your co-workers have the opportunity to buy a fine computer for little money and you will know where you computers have gone. A good feeling.